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I'm 18 and my names Nic and my life is Music, Laughter, plur. I dream to be a producer in the music industry. Check out my music By looking up Pangaea on Facebook! Also dont be afriad to ask questions ;)


my crush: haha i like you . . as a friend!

me: image

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America’s Beliefs in Paranormal Phenomena

The human mind is a very strange thing when it comes to belief. For some people believing in the paranormal is a form of comfort and adds to the meaning of it all. For others, the paranormal is just something the brain produces when influenced by fear or suggestion. Then of course, there are some that fall right in the middle. This is just sample info taken within the United States, but it would be extremely interesting to see how the paranormal is viewed on a more global scale.

Where do you stand?


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We looked at each other a little too long to be ‘just friends’.

So you become a teenage preggers and now that you gave birth your child has life threating issues so you post to a social media website of your suffering baby? i dont get things.

Without you is how i disappear


when u can’t figure out how to reblog something because of someone’s theme


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